Driving in New Jersey can be stressful, with all of the traffic and the number of people traveling at high speeds on the roads. In fact, so many people drive quickly around the state, especially in large cities like Newark or Jersey City, that it can be extremely easy to drive too quickly simply by following the speed of traffic. Sometimes, you may miss the speed limit sign, and sometimes you simply just need to get somewhere quickly and drive above the speed limit. But no matter what your reasons for speeding are, if you are caught in New Jersey, you are violating the NJSA Section 39:4-98 and will likely get a speeding ticket. If this has happened to you, you should get in touch with a New Jersey speeding ticket attorney as soon as possible.

Although speeding tickets are fairly common, they can still cause you a lot of problems, both right after you get one and even down the road. Speeding tickets in New Jersey result in two major penalties: a fine, and points  added to your driving record. In some cases, your car insurance provider may also choose to increase your monthly rates as a result of your speeding ticket.

New Jersey has a point system like many other states that adds a certain number of points to your record based on how fast you were going. If you speed over the limit anywhere from a single mile per hour over the limit to 14 miles per hour over, you will have 2 points added to your record. Going between 15 and 29 miles per hour over the limit results in 4 points added to your record, and going 30 miles per hour or more over the posted limit results in 5 points added to your record.

These points can add up very quickly and result in even more penalties for you. If you have six points on your record within three years (which is easy to do after only two speeding tickets), you will have to pay a $150 surcharge, plus $25 for each point over six you have on your record. If you get twelve or more points added to your record, your license will be suspended and you will not be able to drive for a period of time.

If these penalties seem harsh, it’s because they are. If you do not want to face these serious results for a simple traffic ticket, get in touch with a New Jersey speeding ticket lawyer who can help you plead not guilty to your ticket. Your experienced attorney will work with you when you go to court  to explain your situation to a judge, and your attorney will help you create a strong defense to convince the judge to reduce your penalties or even dismiss your ticket entirely. Get in touch with our offices today.

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