Getting a speeding ticket in Florida can be very stressful. As a violation of the Florida Vehicle Code Chapter 316:183, speeding tickets in Florida come with very harsh penalties that can cause issues with your license and make it difficult for you to have the freedom to drive. If you have gotten a speeding ticket in the state, be sure to get in touch with a Florida speeding ticket lawyer as soon as possible.

It can be very easy to drive faster than the posted speed limit, especially in large and busy cities like Jacksonville or Miami that have a lot of cars moving quickly. Sometimes, the speed limits are not clearly posted, or traffic is simply moving faster than the speed limit. But if you get caught speeding, you are likely to end up with a speeding ticket regardless of why you were driving too fast.

Speeding tickets might not seem like a big deal, but they come with fines and points on your license that can cause serious problems for you down the road. First, you will have to pay a fine if you plead guilty to your traffic ticket that can range from $100 to $300 depending on how fast you were going. Second, you will have points  added to your license that will also range on how fast you were going. For example, going 1 to 15 miles per hour over the posted speed limit results in 3 points added to your license. Speeding by 15 miles per hour or more results in 4 points added, and if the speeding results in a crash, it results in 6 points added to your license.

The point system may seem as if it is not a big deal, but the more points you have added to your license, the more you could face serious penalties. For instance, if you have 12 points on your license after twelve months (which can easily happen after two or three speeding incidents), you face a thirty day suspension of your driving privilege. 18 points in eighteen months results in a three month suspension, and 24 points in 36 months results in a one year license suspension. This can cause major problems with your ability to drive to and from work, and it might even result in your car insurance rates going up significantly.

Fortunately, you do not have to plead guilty to your traffic ticket and face these harsh penalties. Instead, you can get in touch with a Florida speeding ticket attorney who will help you plead not guilty and take your ticket to your local county trial court to be heard before a judge. Your attorney will work with you on your case to make sure you present the best defense possible to the judge, even if the police officer who wrote your ticket is in court to testify as well.

With an experienced Florida traffic ticket lawyer on your side, you have the best chance at getting the penalties from your ticket reduced, or even having your ticket dismissed altogether. Do not hesitate to contact our offices as soon as you receive your traffic ticket so that we can begin preparing your case right away.

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